5 Qualities of An Entreprenuer

Here are 5 qualities that an entrepreneur has;

1. “Failure” does NOT exist in their dictionary

There are no failures in an entrepreneur’s dictionary, only new lessons to be learnt and mistakes to be avoided in the future.

Every stumbling block is but a challenge and therefore, there is no need to give up. They may change their direction and their methods, but an entrepreneur’s aim and passion never dies.

2. Creativity

Entrepreneurs have to use their creativity constantly to innovate and conjour up new services and products, in order to provide value to customers in their targeted market while learning to distinguish themselves from exsiting competitors.

Entrepreneurs are a curious bunch as they are motivated by their need to serve and provide value, and they do this by maximising their creativity.

3. Enjoys networking

Entrepreneurs love to network and get to know more people who share similar interest and passion. Some of them like to share their passion and views in a larger scale by giving talks too.

It is no longer an issue of being an introvert or an extrovert. Both personalities make great entrepreneurs by working in vastly different ways that suit their style. Ultimately, both personalities enjoy meeting people with similar interest.

Also, they are willing to learn from others. Entrepreneurs know the value to knowledge and are always willing to meet people whom they are able to learn from. They also recognise that working with these people will allow them to serve their customers better.

4. Loves to read

Riding off the previous point, entrepreneurs love to learn and expose themselves to new ideas. Most of them love to read, and have great and effective methods of reading.

Additionally, entrepreneurs read widely. They typically read anything that captures their interest and allows them to learn and improve themselves. Entrepreneurs recognise the importance of consistent learning and self-development.

5. Acts fast

Entrepreneurs tend not to procrastinate. In fact, procrastination is the GREATEST enemy of an entrepreneur. Getting things DONE is one of the key qualities of an entrepreneurs, and that is the main reason they succeed. No one succeeds by brainstorming ideas in their bedroom, without implementing those ideas. Ideas remain a fantasy and a theory, until they are put into action.

By acting fast, entrepreneurs also ensure that they are able to capture a greater market share before their competitors step in.

Do you possess these qualities? Are you working towards your goals and dreams?

How to Overcome Competition in the Marketplace?

That there is stiff competition in every field may be an understatement. Thanks to such a super-tyrannical competitive environment, smooth sailing in the business world is a Utopian dream. Therefore, as an entrepreneur or a marketing manager of a firm, you may worry as to how to overcome the competition you are facing in your marketplace. Of course, this is easier said than done. But at the same time, it is not impossible as well. You have to take a few firm steps in order to surmount the competition and make your presence felt in the marketplace. Let us find out how you should go about it.

1. Identify the issues your prospects face and provide solutions to them.

Before you launched your business, you might have done considerable research. Of course, you may have started the business with a lot of hopes as well. But are research and hope enough to overcome competition and sustain in your market? The answer is an emphatic “No.” You should keep watching your customers closely because they are the pillars using which you can build the edifice of your business. Unless you satisfy them in the right manner, you cannot sustain in your field, not to talk of growing in it. To put it differently, you should constantly strive to fulfill the expectations of your customers. In other words, you must always strive to find the “pain points” of your customers and try to provide solutions to them.

2. Be wise with your pricing.

As an entrepreneur, you have to earn profits. Making profits in the business is not a sin if it is done in the right manner. Not only that, your aim should be to earn only reasonable profits. If you price your products or services outrageously with an aim to make unreasonable gains, you will lose your existing customers very soon. You cannot add new customers also. In fact, customers have become very smart and they want to have products or services of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Simply put, they want the best value for the money they spend. Therefore, you should price what you are offering wisely.

3. Develop an “innovative mindset.”

Before you take up a task, delve deep to find out the various ways using which you can get it completed. In fact, experts point out that there can be more than one way to do tasks. Therefore, you should never be rigid in your approach. You should develop an innovative mindset so that you can think laterally and find out how to do a task in a better manner. This approach will get you rich dividends because apart from completing the tasks more quickly, you will be able to reduce the costs as well. This will help in increasing your profit margins.

In addition, you must be ready to embrace the latest tools and techniques as well. Of course, it may not be possible for you to adopt all the new innovations. But you can choose the ones that suit your business and products or services for working smartly and for reducing your costs.

4. Always aim to enhance the quality of services you render to your customers.

Never forget the fact that without customers, your business cannot exist. You should, therefore, always aim to improve the quality of the service you render to your customers. Only if your customers remain satisfied, they will stick to you. Otherwise, they will switch loyalties.

Even if you adopt these steps, you cannot be certain that you will be able to overcome competition. Nonetheless, it may turn out to be a grave mistake if you do not adopt them. Remember this and keep taking these steps on a consistent basis.

BlitzWolf BW-F4: Outdoor Use Speaker With CSR 4.0 Bluetooth

If you like to go traveling with music, then an outdoor use speaker would be your good fellow. At this article, I will show you an excellent product BlitzWolf BW-F4, which features long battery life, wide connectivity and high-fidelity sound. The introduction involves three parts, including designs and shows, features and battery.

Designs and Shows

It features overall black fuselage with a dimension of 20.0*6.0*6.4cm. And it shapes like a pencil box. With a compact and portable body size, it is easy carrying. Made of ABS plus metal materials, it looks highly sophisticated. The simple buttons design meets your need of normal operations.

Besides, on its upper left corner, there is a 3.5mm audio jack. If your device does not support Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it via this jack, very conveniently. By the way, it supports CSR 4.0 Bluetooth technology so that you can complete wireless connection with your devices. And the pairing only contains three steps.


This BlitzWolf BW-F4 has several highlights, including long battery life, wide connectivity, high-fidelity sound and built-in clear mic. And I will show you about its obvious features of high-fidelity sound and built-in clear mic next.

It is configured with dual powerful 10W drivers and a central bass radiator. The 45mm 4ohm precision drivers include four parts of the composite membrane, TPE sound vibrating film, 18-core aluminum alloy speaker and drive permanent magnet. Balanced frequency response with an enhanced bass diaphragm, it brings rich lows and crisp highs.

Moreover, it has the hands-free function. Built-in noise reduction mic with the watertight seal, it delivers crystal communication. When a call comes in, you only need to press the answer button and you can communicate with your friends. Very easily and conveniently.


It is built in a 4,000mAh large capacity lithium battery, which supports up to 7 to 10 hours of playing time at 70% volume. And it needs 3 to 4 hours charging time.


To sum up, BlitzWolf BW-F4 is an outstanding product. To some extent, it has a waterproof function. However, in order to extend the use, you have better not to make it exposure to water.

I think most people choose it because of its light and easy to carry. If you are searching for such a product, you can have a try! And I promise that you will like it.

Smart Manufacturing in Plastic Injection Molding

Smart Manufacturing is talked about quite a bit. It goes by other names, too, like the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), and Industry 4.0. The term IoT was first coined by Peter T. Lewis in 1985 to describe "the integration of people, processes, and technology with connectable devices and sensors to enable remote monitoring, status, manipulation, and evaluation of trends of such devices."

So the term has been around for a while now, but the concept still continues to develop and evolve as technology continues to advance through new hardware like sensors, and through the collection and analysis of data. So, how have the advancements in smart manufacturing affected the plastic injection molding business? This article takes a look at the topic.

Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

Smart factories use smart manufacturing to gain production efficiencies, improve production quality and reduce time to market. Machines can now communicate failure points and collect data that can be used to improve predictive and preventative maintenance, which in the long run improves uptime. Data analysis is used to predict and prevent failure; It indicates when intervention is required and recommends the necessary corrective actions. Troubleshooting is more efficient, which benefits both manufacturers and customers.

Sensors, Connectivity and Data

The entire concept of smart manufacturing in injection molding revolves around collecting and analyzing the data. Sensors collect the data and networks transport the data. If a device or piece of equipment on the floor is standalone, it will not contribute to the collective knowledge of the smart factory. Devices and machinery equipped with sensors have the ability to monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data – all without human interaction. The sensors collect data, and communicate better information on the plant floor, as well as outside the plant (or from the outside in) faster, in order to make easier decisions.

Every device that has the ability to gather intelligence needs to be on a backbone of some type that allows it to produce data or have data pulled out of it. New sensor networks can be established, or sensors and data networking can be added to existing devices. The goal in injection molding is to connect the equipment on the plant floor to a network that can monitor, measure, store, and retrieve data.

As for the data itself, decisions need to be made that make the most sense for the injection molder. How and where to house the data is one such decision – should it be kept in-house, or outside of the company walls? Data security is of paramount concern, so if data is stored off locations, remote connectivity and how to safely get into your system from the outside needs to be addressed.

Plastics, in Particular

Since plastics is the third largest sector in the manufacturing industry, it warrants special consideration in the IIoT as it impacts manufacturers and their customers. In terms of injection molding complex components, the data gathered and analyzed can help ensure maximum repeatability in the injection molding process, consistent quality, and low defects. And again, the data also helps determine preventative machine maintenance which helps avoid unplanned downtime.

From the customer perspective, smart manufacturing provides many benefits for communication and visibility. Machine data collection and reporting gives the customer important timing information on project and production order status.

And so it goes. The drive to glean more – and better – data from industrial equipment and systems will continue to improve productivity in the plastic injection molding sector as technology, sensors, and systems continue to evolve, to the benefit of the molders and their customers.

Film Radiography is Declining in Industrial Testing Applications


The shift from analog to digital technology has given a new lease of life for NDT applications in the industrial radiography market, thus, broadening the scope beyond traditional applications. Digital X-ray systems are proliferating with increased acceptance across all industry verticals, including highly regulated and traditionally conservative aerospace and automotive industries. The most significant contributing factor for this paradigm shift to digital X-ray systems is the cost-saving, which is 5-6 times more (in both computed and direct radiography) when compared to film-based systems. The shift is also being fueled by the bridge of gap by digital systems when it comes to high-resolution images, which used to be a niche for film radiography. Megatrends, such as Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, and Big Data, are expected to progressively phase out radiography on film.


The industry is experiencing significant influx of portable equipment in the recent years. With the need for inspection activities to be carried out at multiple locations and in various orientations, the industry demand for portable testing devices is increasing. The demand for compact and lightweight devices, which enable easier examination, has been a key trend in the market. Innovation in manufacturing technologies is propelling the deployment of these products. Elimination of installation costs with the use of portable devices, which helps in reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of these devices, is further helping the manufacturers strengthen their economic position in the market. The oil & gas industry, which employs testing across the industry supply chain for gauging the structural integrity and for continuous monitoring of intricate structures of various sizes, like plates, tubes and drilling machines, is expected to be among the most dominant end-users for portable radiographic equipment.


What's leading the pack in digital radiography? Direct radiography is the fastest growing type of radiography with near double-digit growth rate as compared to the overall market. This segment is aided by advancements in hardware, such as tubes, sources, and detectors, as well as software improvements facilitating better user-friendliness and efficiency. The advantages of direct radiography, including shorter exposure times, real-time applications, use of recognition software, reduced inspection time, environmental concerns, portability, and increased dynamic range (enabling multiple thicknesses to be inspected in one shot), are driving their adoption across all industry verticals. Direct radiography equipment is offering guaranteed high ROI to customers, which is the biggest contributing factor for their growth. Significant market opportunity for direct radiography (includes real-time) exists in automotive and aerospace segments, which are witnessing very high growth rates, even exceeding that of the overall direct radiography market.